How to Tap

Tapping Points  10.2.13-1-page-0BASIC RECIPE for EFT

Rate your issue, on a scale of  0 – 10, with 10 being the most intense.

Karate Chop Point – on the outside of your hand (Small Intestine meridian)

Even though I have this (anxiety, fear, pain, “issue”, etc.)….I deeply and completely  accept myself.  (Repeat 3 times.)

While saying a “reminder phrase” like headache, fear of flying, upset stomach, etc.,  tap on the following points with 2 – 3 fingers:

Top of the head (Lots of meridians)

Beginning of the eyebrow (Bladder meridian) – where eyebrow starts near nose

Side of the eye (Gall Bladder) – 1/4 “ from the corner of the eye, on the bone

Under the eye (Stomach) – below the pupil touching the orbital bone

Under the nose (Governing Vessel) – between the nose and upper lip

Chin (Conception Vessel) – on the indentation between the lower lip and chin

Collarbone (Kidney) – 1” down from the “U” in your neck and 1” to either side

Under the breast (Liver) – on the large bone (rib) right under the breast

Under the arm (Spleen) – 4” down from the armpit

Inside of the wrists (Heart, Pericardium, Lung, Large Intestine, Triple Warmer) – tap one wrist against the other wrist

Take a deep breath

Rate your issue again.  If you still have the “issue”, start with “even though I STILL have this headache, pain, etc.”, then tap through the sequence again using the “reminder phrase”. No need to tap the Karate chop point while doing this 2nd round of tapping.

Continue tapping until issue intensity substantially decreases.