How to Tap

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February 1st, 2014 | Full size: 2550 × 3300

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  • Patricia J Washington says:

    Bev it was a pleasure to attend your class this morning. I really learned a lot about tapping. and how to combat the white coat syndrome. That seems to be the only thing that was bothering. me. Now with the tapping information you provided to me. I know I will be alright the next time I have a medical appointment with Kaiser. Thank you again and God bless you for helping me to motivate in a positive way.

    *Patricia J. Washington

  • bevnerenberg2 says:

    I just noticed this comment on my website Patricia! So sorry I didn’t respond until now. I am used to email and not on my site. Learn something new everyday,huh? Hope to see you on the upcoming intros and tapping circles! You are such a wonderful support and I’m so glad you are tapping!!

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