8:31 min. Introduction to EFT Tapping

16:23 min. TEDx Is Therapy Facing a Revolution?

8:00 min. Megyn Kelly TODAY show – Tapping for pain 2:16 min. EFT for Kids in School

2:25 min. Rose – Nurse at Cleveland Clinic

1:07 min. Angie – Nurse at Cleveland Clinic

1:42 min. Judith – Nurse at Cleveland Clinic

0:51 min. Patty Mascari – CEO of Home Instead

3:45 min. Humanitarian Efforts by The Tapping Solution Foundation

9:02 min. Brad Yates – Tapping 101 – History and Science of EFT

30:00 min. Bev Nerenberg, CEO of Wellness at Your Fingertips, and Nira Berry discuss the benefits of tapping

21:30 min. Jack Canfield from the Tapping World Summit

5:34 min. Dr. Lee Pulos on EFT Tapping

4:25 min. EFT Tapping for PTSD

2:14 min. Experts on Tapping
5:40 min. Interview with Bev Nerenberg and Cynthia DiLorenzo